Please receive our warmest regards from everyone at T&T Aquarium this holiday season. We hope you get the chance to spend this special time of the year with the people you love and cherish.

Pterophyllum scalare

Peruvian Pterophyllum scalare Size: 3-6 cm we have the big one as well.   Try us!  T&T AQUARIUM

Podocnemis unifilis

Common name: Taricaya turtle /  Yellow spotted amazon river turtle Shipped only under CITES permit. T&T AQUARIUM


Beautiful Panaque specie,  orange spotted. Size: 7 – 10 cm T&T AQUARIUM –  O.F.I. Member


Georgeus fish, very rare, it has 25 cm long and will grow more! Gymnotus sp. T&T AQUARIUM –  Try Us!


Common name: Sleeper canero Size:  12 cm Available only at T&T AQUARIUM  

Pleco L-453

Scientific name: Panaqolus sp. Size available: 10 cm long. Only at T&T AQUARIUM

Red spot Discus

DISCUS!  The King of aquarium, they are very well acclimated, big size. T&T Aquarium , TRY US!

Bristlenose Pleco

Medium size YELLOW spot Ancistrus.  Available now at T&T Aquarium!